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 Harrison Bergeron
Harrison Bergeron: “All men are not created equal. It is the purpose of the Government to make them so.” This is the premise…

The embrace of the serpent

Captain America: Civil War ( 2016 )

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National Security Agency (NSA) actually has a real program named Skynet

Skynet actually exists!!! Skynet is a top secret program of NSA

Skynet actually exists!!! Skynet is a top secret program of NSA

source Techworm

Skynet, which was an evil military computer system that launches war on human race in the Terminator movies franchise, it is learnt that NSA has a program with the same name.

As per The Intercept reports, the NSA does have a program called Skynet. However, it has a less lethal but legally dubious aims. This one is a surveillance program that makes use of phone metadata to record the call activities and location of doubtful terrorists. An Al Jazeera journalist reportedly became one of its victims after he was kept on a terrorist watch list.

Chief bureau of Al Jazeera’s Islamabad office, Ahmad Muaffaq Zaidan got traced by Skynet after he was recognized by US intelligence as a possible Al Qaeda member and given a watch list number. Zaidan, a Syrian national has taken a number of exclusive interviews with senior Al Qaeda leaders, including Osama bin Laden himself.

According to a 2012 government presentation The Intercept obtained from Edward Snowden says that Skynet makes use of phone location and call metadata from bulk phone call records to identify fishy patterns in their communication habits and physical movements of the suspects.

Says Wired:

The presentation indicates that SKYNET looks for terrorist connections based on questions such as “who has traveled from Peshawar to Faisalabad or Lahore (and back) in the past month? Who does the traveler call when he arrives?” It also looks for suspicious behaviors such as someone who engages in “excessive SIM or handset swapping” or receives “incoming calls only.” The goal is to identify people who move around in a pattern similar to Al Qaeda couriers who are used to pass communication and intelligence between the group’s senior leaders.

In addition to its misleading name, SKYNET has a few problems though. It happened to misidentify an Al-Jazeera reporter as a member of al-Qaida based on the criteria mentioned above. (It seems that the journalists meeting with sources and terrorists meeting with terrorist group leaders move in patterns that look same to the computer.) This misidentification would be disturbing even if the government did not make use of such metadata to make life-and-death decisions about who to kill with drone strikes. However, it does.

The NSA one should note has a second program too that is very similar to the Terminator‘s Skynet. As revealed by Edward Snowden in an interview with WIRED and James Bamford last year, this one is called MonsterMind. Like the film version of Skynet, MonsterMind is a defense surveillance system that would immediately and independently disarm foreign cyberattacks against the US, and could be used to launch retaliatory strikes as well. Algorithms under this program would remove massive repositories of metadata and examine it to recognize normal network traffic from anomalous or malicious traffic. Equipped with this knowledge, the NSA could immediately and autonomously find, and block, a foreign threat.

Snowden also stated that MonsterMind could one day be designed to automatically return fire without human interference against an attacker. Because an attacker could twist malicious code to keep away from detection, a counterstrike would be more successful in neutralizing future attacks. Sounds a lot like Skynet. However, there is no news from the NSA on why the iconic film name was not used for its real-world Skynet.










Oh, Just a Gingerbread House Rendition of the Overlook Hotel from “The Shining”

Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like a cult horror movie turned miniature winter wonderland in the form of everybody’s favourite Christmas cookie!  Come play with us…


I logged on to Reddit to see what the online bulletin board had to share this Christmas Eve, and found something rather remarkable– this 4×5 foot wide homemade gingerbread house that would surely be worthy of a tip of the hat from Stanley Kubrick himself.


Photographs of the edible work of art were submitted to Reddit by a member whose family has made gingerbread houses a Christmas tradition for the past 10 years. While you’d think they should go into the metier professionally, the family makes them purely for fun and work together on and off for about two weeks in the run up to the holidays.


“My dad does all of the design from photos,” explained Redditor Eudicotyledon, “We do one nearly every year – no duplicates. It is a Christmas ritual to have fights during the construction.”


A gingerbread house complete with wallpaper and carpeting. No big deal.


For the outside, they added quinoa on the roof and for the entrance, and for the blood on the windows they melted red jolly ranchers and poured it onto wax paper. When they were cool enough to touch, they peeled it off the paper and hand pulled it into the splash shapes!

full story at MessyNessy



Pope Francis to Make Acting Debut in ‘Beyond the Sun’

Pope Francis to Appear in Movie

Pope Francis will play himself in the new religious movie “Beyond the Sun,” marking his acting debut and the first time that a pope has appeared in a feature film.

“Beyond the Sun” — from Ambi Pictures — is a family adventure based on the Gospels. Pope Francis asked the filmmakers to make a movie that communicated Jesus’ message to children.

AMBI co-founders Andrea Iervolino and Lady Monika Bacardi will finance and produce the film. Graciela Rodriguez wrote the screenplay and will co-produce with Gabriel Leybu. Monsignor Eduardo Garcia will be Pope Francis’ advisor.

All profits from the film will be donated to Argentinean charities El Alemendro and Los Hogares de Cristo, which aid at-risk children and young adults.

full article at Variety









Sherlock: The Abominable Bride


Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson investigate a mysterious ghostly bride. We’ve been here before – but what if this wasn’t the modern day but the late Victorian period? What if the world’s most famous consulting detective and his best friend lived in a Baker Street of steam trains, hansom cabs, top hats and frock coats? Welcome to Sherlock in 1895!

link over here Sherlock Holmes

Spectre (2015) PosterA cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.  Spectre

‘Avatar 2’ Delayed, Will Not Arrive in Christmas 2017

Avatar 2 Delayed

For anyone who was excited to see James Cameron‘s long-gestating Avatar 2 take on Star Wars: Episode VIII for a Christmas box office battle royale, we have some bad news. Avatar 2 will not be ready to meet the Christmas 2017 release that was staked out for the sequel. Though the release date was never officially claimed by 20th Century Fox, Cameron himself said they were targeting the holiday release window just last month. But now we have no idea when the sequel might hit the big screen.

The Wrap has the news of Avatar 2 delayed, though at this point we’re not surprised. For the past few years Avatar 2 has been rumored for 2014, 2015, 2016 and most recently 2017. But when Cameron did mention the previous Christmas 2017 target, he added that meeting that date wasn’t as important as “the fact that when we get all three films done, we drop them a year apart.”

full story at FILM blogging the reel world










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