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A fantastic idea well worth supporting,a shower bus for homeless people

how lava mae was born

It started with one woman, homeless in San Francisco, crying that she would never be clean.

Our founder, Doniece Sandoval heard her cries. Those words, a desire to help those experiencing homelessness, and a crazy obsession with the mobile food truck movement set in motion what eventually became Lava Mae. Started by private citizens who believe that access to showers and toilets shouldn’t be a luxury, Lava Mae seeks to serve those who lack access to what should be basic human rights – showers and sanitation.

link to how it started,get involved,help out LavaMe

10 Brilliant Inventions That Can Change Poor People’s Lives

Clean water, shelter, and shoes are just some of the things that most of us take for granted, but in many places in the world, people are desperate for them. Other things, such as ovens, light and even protection from mosquitoes are luxuries to many poor people. However, thanks to some brilliant inventors, it is possible to produce these items in an affordable manner to make a difference in poor communities.

read the article about some of the problems solved in unusual ways :WHEN ON EARTH

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