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Average wages for 90 per cent of British workers are less than half what you’ve been told

Thanks go to a Vox Political reader for passing on the link to this article.The Equality Trust and High Pay Centre has average pay for UK workers calculated as £26,500. However, average pay conceals the reality for millions.

For instance, the top 0.1% are earning a few pounds over £1 million a year and the top 1% are earning an average £271,888. What this figure hides is the fact that the top FTSE chief executives are earning an average of £4.3 million and it takes them just 2.5 days to earn the average annual workers pay. These statistics do not include other successful groups such as self employed entrepreneurs.

The top 10% of UK workers earn £79,196. But the truth here is that this also includes the earnings of the top 1%, meaning the next 9% don’t really earn that figure.

What is grotesque is the next number that should shock everyone. The average pay of the next 90%, (by stripping out all earnings of the top 10%, including the 1% and 0.1% groups) leaves an annual income of just £12,969. Yes, you read that right. Stripping out the top 10% of average pay, leaves just £12,969 average pay for the remaining 90% of the population.

What is interesting about the figures collated by the Inequality Trust is that the data is about two years old (not their fault – it’s what is available), so things will actually be slightly worse as all analysts agree that inequality is getting worse, not better.

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Lord Kerslake to say housing bill will force councils to sell off more than 100,000 homes to subsidise right-to-buy discounts

Social housing in Bristol
Opposition and crossbench peers are to join forces against key aspects of the government’s housing and planning bill. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

The former head of the civil service will accuse government ministers this week of trying to phase out social housing altogether in favour of a new generation of “starter” homes that will be unaffordable for people on low incomes.

The intervention from Lord Kerslake, who was the most senior Whitehall mandarin until July 2014, will come as opposition and crossbench peers join forces against key aspects of the government’s controversial housing and planning bill when it reaches the Lords on Tuesday.

In a further indication that the bill could receive a rough ride, Lord Bassam, Labour’s chief whip in the Lords will abandon the normal convention that holders of his office do not enter legislative debates, when he delivers a highly personal speech invoking his childhood experience of being brought up on a council estate in Essex.

The bill, which the Commons passed earlier this month, extends the right to buy to housing associations as part of a voluntary deal with the sector, ends indefinite tenancies in council-owned properties and prioritises the construction of so-called starter homes for first-time buyers. Ministers say it will increase home ownership and house building.

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Oxfam says wealth of richest 1% equal to other 99%

Luxury yacht in Nice

The richest 1% now has as much wealth as the rest of the world combined, according to Oxfam.

It uses data from Credit Suisse from October for the report, which urges leaders meeting in Davos this week to take action on inequality.

Oxfam also calculated that the richest 62 people in the world had as much wealth as the poorest half of the global population.

It criticised the work of lobbyists and the amount of money kept in tax havens.

Oxfam predicted that the 1% would overtake the rest of the world this time last year.

It takes cash and assets worth $68,800 (£48,300) to get into the top 10%, and $760,000 (£533,000) to be in the 1%. That means that if you own an average house in London without a mortgage, you are probably in the 1%.

The figures carry various caveats, for example, information about the wealth of the super-rich is hard to come by, which Credit Suisse says means its estimates of the proportion of wealth held by the 10% and the 1% is “likely to err on the low side”.

As a global report, the figures also necessarily include some estimates of levels of wealth in countries from which accurate statistics are not available.


Some free market think tanks questioned the credibility of the figures.

The Institute of Economic Affairs’ director general Mark Littlewood said the statistics were “bogus”.

“The methodology of adding up assets and subtracting debts and then making a global ‘net wealth’ distribution implies that many of the poorest in the world are those in advanced countries with high debts. Whilst we might have sympathy for the Harvard law graduate’s plight, it is unclear that worrying about her should be the focus of a development organisation,” he said.

The Adam Smith Institute’s head of research Ben Southwood also said the data was “misleading”.

“More meaningful measures show greater equality. Those in the middle and bottom of the world income distribution have all got pay rises of around 40% between 1988-2008. Global inequality of life expectancy and height are narrowing too—showing better nutrition and better healthcare where it matters most.

“What we should care about is the welfare of the poor, not the wealth of the rich,” he added.

Oxfam said that the 62 richest people having as much wealth as the poorest 50% of the population is a remarkable concentration of wealth, given that it would have taken 388 individuals to have the same wealth as the bottom 50% in 2010.

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The Scary Reality Of Being A Homeless Woman In The Winter

More than half a million people in the U.S. are homeless, and women in this group face increased hardships during the chilly winter season.


In the winter some women will find themselves choosing to have sex with someone just to have shelter from the cold weather outside — a phenomenon often referred to assurvival sex. In 2009, the New York Times reported that nearly one third of homeless youth had participated in survival sex to get by on the streets and have a place to stay. Prostitution and survival sex can understandably be very dangerous to women.


In 2015, trans woman Sasha Washington told HuffPost Live that she engaged in survival sex as a homeless woman at the age of 15 and was nearly killed by a man on whom she performed oral sex.

“I wound up realizing that I was giving this guy oral head for two hours and thirty minutes and he’s not ejaculating yet, so I need to go,” she said. “He didn’t want me to go and he tried to kill me. So he left the room and went in the kitchen, came back and had the biggest knife … and he tried to stab me in my chest. Instead of him stabbing me in my chest, he took … [the top of] my wedding [ring] finger off.”

Washington said that the man then gave her a choice to be killed or let him penetrate her, even though she never let clients do that. She made an exception for this man to save her life.

“Then I ran out,” she said. “It was very risky. I could have been one of the trans girls that could have been dead and nobody would have known about it, you know?”

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Homeless pair reveal shock at being doused with icy water outside Castle Mall in Norwich

Homeless friends Anthony Borg, left, and Anthony Reynolds who had a bucket of water thrown over them while they slept in a Castle Mall doorway. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Homeless friends Anthony Borg, left, and Anthony Reynolds who had a bucket of water thrown over them while they slept in a Castle Mall doorway. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Two homeless men, one an Army veteran, today told of their shock after a Castle Mall security guard threw cold water on them as they slept.

source Eastern Daily News







If imageWelcome to the home of NACCOM, the UK’s national No Accommodation Network.

NACCOM is a national charity (Charity No: 1162434) supporting a network of agencies that provide accommodation for migrants who have no recourse to public funds. Most of these are asylum seekers whose asylum claims have been rejected, but for a variety of reasons have not been deported. They are not entitled to benefits or housing, and forbidden to work.

The purpose of this site is to offer a forum where all who are working to end destitution in the UK amongst asylum seekers and other migrants through accommodation and practical support can share ideas and best practice.

We want to extend the network so that there is a project in every city and town where there are destitute asylum seekers and migrants. We also want to ensure that no-one has to spend a night on the streets, and that there is hope for the future.

Please use the facilities this site offers to get the answers you need, and share the resources you have with others. Alone we cannot hope to solve the problem. Together we can make a massive difference to the lives of the most vulnerable people in the UK.

You can also find us on Twitter @NACCOMnetwork or get in touch on email.

Norwich shopping centre guard doused homeless with cold water, it is claimed

Castle Mall

A shopping centre is investigating claims a laughing security guard doused homeless people sheltering in an entrance with cold water.

The Castle Mall in Norwich has denied its staff were involved in the incident, reported by Peoples’ Picnic volunteers who provide meals for homeless people.

The centre’s management is looking for CCTV footage recording the incident.

A statement on Wednesday evening said security officers had been quizzed.

The spokesman said: “This allegation is being thoroughly investigated with all CCTV being reviewed.

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open wallet with money showing

Top bosses will have earned more money by the end of Tuesday than the average worker will do in a year, campaign group the High Pay Centre has claimed.

The group has declared the day Fat Cat Tuesday, based on FTSE 100 chief executives earning £5m a year, compared with the median UK salary of £27,645.

The think tank says its aim is to highlight the “unfair pay gap”.

The calculations were criticised as “pub economics, not serious analysis” by the Adam Smith Institute.

“None of these complaints are valid unless the High Pay Centre thinks it has a better way of estimating the value of executives to firms than those firms themselves,” said the institute’s executive director, Sam Bowman.

“The High Pay Commission’s complaints only make sense if you assume firms don’t actually care about making money – which is to say, they don’t make sense at all

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Some Homelessness Charities Are Not What They Seem. Make Sure You’re Not Killing With Kindness


You could be killing with kindness if you give money to some homelessness charities.

Many well-meaning people donate spare change to homelessness charities without realising they might be supporting policies which harm, and could even kill homeless people.

Several homeless charities use workfare staff who face benefit sanctions if they refuse to work for free.  These sanctions have been linked to suicides, homelessness, ill health and desperate poverty.  Both the Salvation Army and the YMCA are heavily involved with workfare.

Despite many tragic deaths on the streets many homelessness charities oppose help being given directly such as soups runs.  One organisation (Thamesreach) even supported a Tory council’s failed attempt to make it illegal to give food to homeless people

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