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Average wages for 90 per cent of British workers are less than half what you’ve been told

Thanks go to a Vox Political reader for passing on the link to this article.The Equality Trust and High Pay Centre has average pay for UK workers calculated as £26,500. However, average pay conceals the reality for millions.

For instance, the top 0.1% are earning a few pounds over £1 million a year and the top 1% are earning an average £271,888. What this figure hides is the fact that the top FTSE chief executives are earning an average of £4.3 million and it takes them just 2.5 days to earn the average annual workers pay. These statistics do not include other successful groups such as self employed entrepreneurs.

The top 10% of UK workers earn £79,196. But the truth here is that this also includes the earnings of the top 1%, meaning the next 9% don’t really earn that figure.

What is grotesque is the next number that should shock everyone. The average pay of the next 90%, (by stripping out all earnings of the top 10%, including the 1% and 0.1% groups) leaves an annual income of just £12,969. Yes, you read that right. Stripping out the top 10% of average pay, leaves just £12,969 average pay for the remaining 90% of the population.

What is interesting about the figures collated by the Inequality Trust is that the data is about two years old (not their fault – it’s what is available), so things will actually be slightly worse as all analysts agree that inequality is getting worse, not better.

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Top 10 Surprising Things That Were Invented by Women


Women are responsible for many inventions we use in our everyday life. Some of them will surprise you. Women invented even the very male items. Unfortunately, it was not easy for them to attain the society recognition. Their stories are full of intrigues, scandals, and fraud. These women made a great contribution to a humanity development, but they had to fight for their acceptance. We should be grateful for these remarkable creations. So, let’s see these impressive stories.

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