I keep an open house so all through the year you can encounter people from all over the world.I know what it is like to travell and need somewhere to stay or even be homeless and just need a break so you can get benefits,wash your stuff,see a doctor and dentist and get back on your feet.So sometimes my guests are travellers sometimes they are homeless.I have learned much from them on life and how many different ways there are to get by.Most of all I have learned that willingness to learn or be taught can overcome almost any obstacle.Here I will put links and resources for people travelling or just on the road.I will update it from time to time and appreciate any links sent by you that can be included 🙂



“same concept as the sites mentioned below, the big difference is that is completely free (no fees, no memberships, no money). Volunteers can contact projects directly. It works with all sort of projects. If you like the idea please show your support by promoting, it is a new site and it has 280+ volunteering opportunities listed so far (03-2014). It will always be FREE or it will die trying.” 


Hospitality site for anyone, anywhere in the world wishing to participate in or start their own sustainable self-build project. It promotes the exchange of labor, knowledge, skills and community values and encourages sustainable self-build projects to offer food and accommodation for volunteer members. It’s free.



Short for “help exchange”, this website puts willing volunteers in touch with people or businesses who need help with their farms, vineyards, ranches, hostels, sailing boats etc. throughout the world. After signing up for premier membership, which costs €20 (£18 approx) for two years, volunteers can search the current vacancies noticeboard and reviews and sign up for work, usually unpaid but in exchange for free board and lodging. Free membership gives access to basic information about some vacancies.


Similar to Helpx, Workaway puts travellers in contact with homestay hosts who offer food and board in exchange for work. It costs €22, or roughly £19 for a 2 year membership. 


WWOOF is an exchange In return for volunteer help, WWOOF hosts offer food, accommodation and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.

WWOOF organisations link people who want to volunteer on organic farms or smallholdings with people who are looking for volunteer help.

Many countries have national WWOOF groups. Each national organisation has its own membership arrangements and a separate membership fee. 


Volunteer for free or low cost in South America

www.the7interchange.com/ – 

SE7EN encourages social and environmental volunteering around the world. They list free and low-cost volunteering opportunities world-wide that have social and / or environmental aims. They also list volunteers with time and skills to offer. Volunteers and hosts can make direct contact with each other to arrange a volunteering stay. Membership costs €15 (£13 approx) for 2 years which gives you full use of the site, and makes available the hosts contact information.(Not all opportunities on this site are free)

www.idealist.orgneed more info

www.openhouses.de/Internationales – need more info

www.fhinz.co.nz – need more info


www.mindmyhouse.com – 

Looking after and living in people’s homes while they are away. Membership costs $20 per year(£13, €15).


An international house sitting service for home minders, Caretakers & house sitters since 1999.Sitters wanted for Caretaker and Home minding jobs inUSA, Europe, London, England, Paris, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Australia, Canada, New Zealand.


THE CARETAKER GAZETTE is a unique newsletter containing property caretaking and house sitting jobs, advice, and information for property caretakers, housesitters, and landowners. Published since 1983, it’s the only publication in the world dedicated to the property caretaking field.


Trustedhousesitters is the most expensive of them all these sites asking 59€ per year(£50): really too much for a budget traveller. It is well spread around the world, with a huge presence in UK.

www.luxuryhousesitting.com – 

Strangely it is the cheapest of them all with 10$(£6.50, 7.50€) per year, but the number of announcements is much lower than the rest. Still a good idea to give a look from time to time, and spend a free vacation in a luxury house

International volunteering


If you want to visit China, CSETC is a UNESCO partner. There are opportunities to work at World Heritage sites. Also, you can teach English to school kids. The flexible program runs all over China. You have to pay for your own travel to China and the Visa fees. Local travel, food and accommodation are taken care of by the organisers. Here is the link



Youth in Action, is financed by European Union and it’s often restricted to people below 25 years of age, even if some of the projects have no age restriction, so it’s still worth to try. The organization is paying for food and accommodation, plus 70% of the travel expenses to reach the place. Sometimes there is aparticipation fee, others it is completely free. It’s during one of this workshop that me and Oti met for the first time. – www.eacea.ec.europa.eu/youth/


Grundtvig programs are similar to Youth in Action, but without age restriction. Plus you have free food, free accommodation, free transportation and even the program fee is completely financed by the institution! Too good to be true, that’s why you can apply only once every three years. – www.ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/grundtvig_en.htm


The European Voluntary Service (EVS) provides young Europeans with the unique chance to express their personal commitment through unpaid and full-time voluntary activities in a foreign country within or outside the EU. In this way, it seeks to develop solidarity, mutual understanding and tolerance among young people, thus contributing to reinforcing social cohesion in the European Union and to promoting young people’s active citizenship. It’s free for volunteers, and you receive free accommodation and food, insurance and pocket money. The only thing you might have to pay is a small part (maximum 10%) of your travel costs. Usually volunteers must be 18 – 30 years old on the application deadline. – http://ec.europa.eu/youth/youth-in-action-programme/european-voluntary-service_en.ht

some other useful links



Welcome to Trashwiki, the collaborative world wide guide of creating value from trash!

It is written for and by dumpster divers, freegans and others of such kind. Here you will find plenty of trash-related articles: you can search by specific countries, by places like markets, by food types, etc. We already have 816 articles on trash and living for free. You can find precise descriptions of how to get rid of your trash in a sustainable manner, how to sensibly recuperate trash, how to share and get stuff for free, and much much more…

“One person’s trash is another’s treasure

http://www.vagabond101.com/first-things-first.html Vagabond 101

excellent read and lots of tips

www.justfortheloveofit.org – 

“Join the world’s fastest growing alternative economy …

  •  Save money. Learn new skills. Reduce your carbon footprint.Meet new friends locally. Get help with projects for free.
  •  Share skills, tools, and spaces through freeshare.
  •  Share advice, information or ask freeconomic questions inour forum.

The Freeconomy Community’s aim is to help reconnect people in their local communities through the simple act of sharing.”



This site has been set up as a comprehensive resource for intrepid travellers everywhere. Within the site, you’ll find information on every aspect of backpacking and low cost travel.


For those Living and Traveling Full or Part-Time in a Van, Car, or RV (or have aspiraitons ot do so)

www.hipforums.com – 

This site has forums on ‘camping/outdoor living’, ‘communal living’, ‘travel talk’, ‘living sustainably’, and many more.

www.bookcrossing.com – 

“BookCrossing is a social network where members release books back into the public by leaving them on park benches, at the gym or at school. One part social network and one part social experiment, BookCrossing lets you participate in giving back to the world of literature by passing on your favorite books.”


Craigslist is a network of online communities for free classified advertisements (with jobs, internships, housing, personal advertisements, for sale/barter/wanted, services, community, and pets categories) and forums on various topics.” Craigslist operates in 70 countries worldwide.

  german page where you can give food away if you have too much or don’t wanna use it anymore http://foodsharing.de/ / another one, where you can find a map full of fruit trees that don’t belong to anybody: http://mundraub.org/ /and the same international: http://www.fallingfruit.org/about?locale=en

Auf foodsharing kannst Du deine Lebensmitteln vor dem Verfall an soziale…

sleepinginairports.net – tips on where and how to spend the night at various airports

Airport reviews and guides for sleeping in the airport overnight or while stuck in the airport during transit, weather or airline delays.


Eattheweeds.com is a guide to foraging, eating wild plants, edible wild food and other things. Hosted by Green Dean.


On this site you will find a compendium of information about individual herbs, herbal remedies, essential oils, home / natural remedies and more. 


The Off Grid Project is a live in experiment in getting off the grid on a budget. I am living in a camper deep in the forest and off the grid. I am about 3/4…
Moneyless on how to live without it
  • WarmShowers is a network for bicyclists. Great if you’re on a bike trip.
  • Trustroots was started in December 2013, mainly (but not exclusively) directed at hitchhikers.

Freedom Fighting

Deep Web | Freenet Project | I2P | Tor | Webp2p | Invisible IRC

This is a great place to learn and teach about how to use computers anonymously in order to protect yours and others privacy.


Anonymous Lesbian Gay Bisexual Pansexual (LGBT) (QUILTBAG)

This group is for both anonymous and LGBT activists to work together and find common ground.


Here is their youtube channel


Charity Coin (The official name will only be known when released)

Although on the face of it nothing is happening the reality of it is that this is a new crypto currency that is being built by feminists specifically to promote equality. The programmers work on this every day.


Here is their page


LGBT groups

LGBT, EVERYONE is welcome

Is a nice space to hang out and meet new people


LGBTQ Artists, Artisans & Allies

Is a space for LGBT artists to share their art work.


Feminist Language Exchange (women and non-binary learning space)

This is mostly just a language exchange group for lesbians and bisexual women even thought it was founded on feminist principles.


LGBT Au Pairs (lesbian aupairs support group).

as far as I know this is the only support group for LGBT Au Pairs.


Inclusive Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans Support Network

Is a safe space for LGBT people to help each other.


A site for unblocked music,torrents and TV :  http://unbanthe.com/

Notes that will self destroy after sending :  https://privnote.com/#destroyed

Presurfer interesting page of stuff ,safe for work and kids :http://presurfer.blogspot.com/

Reddit ,everything nerdy and nerds to discuss it with:  https://www.reddit.com/

Games,anime,movies,art:  http://www.newgrounds.com

Huge picture depository and you can store your own free: http://imgur.com/

Freedom,Campaigns,legal links,alternative stuff and more


Other useful resources

International environmental law organisations

UK law and the Courts

European law and Courts

European directives on environmental law

UK Government

General legal advice