Cop plays hopscotch with homeless girl after rich neighbors snitch on her ‘suspicious’ behavior

© Huntington Beach Police Department
Video of ‘Officer Friendly’ playing hopscotch with a homeless girl in the affluent California community of Huntington Beach is all the rage on mainstream media channels, but few noticed the original reason why the cop was there.

Turns out, anonymous neighbors tried to ‘shop’ the girl and her mother to police.

They rang the authorities to complain about a “suspicious occupied vehicle” Wednesday, rather than doing the neighborly thing by going out to offer assistance.

Officers Zach Pricer and Scott March were dispatched to “investigate”.

Fortunately, they decided not to criminalize them, which is often the reaction by authorities, but instead March contacted the Homeless Task Force while Pricer started teaching the girl how to hopscotch.

The video, which was filmed by March, has been viewed more than 750,000 times.

Comments below the Facebook post reveal a number of people in the area know the mother and daughter.

One commenter recognized them from church and said they had been attending services for years.

“They have lived in their van for a while. Very nice and respectful mom and daughter,” another commenter said.

While most of the comments were gushing with joy at the sight of a police officer playing hopscotch, as opposed to shooting unarmed civilians, another commenter got real.

“Wait. People know this mother/daughter living situation AND they attend a local church AND they’ve been homeless for years? Why hasn’t anyone offered employment or a place to stay for a while, while they save a little money and get back on their feet?” read the Facebook comment.

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