Soldiers, Spies, and Police Officers Launch Campaign to Legalize Drugs in the UK



“Something like 50 percent of our current government have taken drugs in their time but have managed to get away with it,” British MP Norman Lamb told a room full of medicinal drug users, former addicts, and politicians on Monday in the UK parliament buildings.

He was speaking at the launch of a group called LEAP UK — Law Enforcement Against Prohibition — a collection of former undercover drugs officers, military figures, and police who are campaigning for drug law reform in the UK.

A new British branch of an existing international pressure group — originally founded in 2002 by five police officers from Canada and the US — LEAP UK aims to raise awareness of what the organization says is the failure of current drug policy based on evidence gleaned from their experiences of enforcing it — saying prohibition is costly, ineffective, makes millions for organized criminals, and doesn’t tackle the root causes of addiction.

Meanwhile, opponents of legalization say criminalization is relatively successful as a deterrent and that softer drugs, such as cannabis, can act as a gateway towards harder drugs like heroin. Making all drugs legal would send out the wrong message and lead many more people into harmful addiction, they argue.

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