Bible And Quran Text Analysis Reveals ‘Violence’ More Common In Old And New Testament


An analysis of the Bible and the Quran has found that violence and destruction are discussed more frequently in Christian scripture than in the Islamic text.


In an effort to dispel the oft-mentioned argument that Islam is an “inherently violent religion”, an American software engineer processed the Holy books in order to find out how frequently savagery is mentioned.

Tom Anderson said: “The project was inspired by the ongoing public debate around whether or not terrorism connected with Islamic fundamentalism reflects something inherently and distinctly violent about Islam compared to other major religions.”

britain first protest

Far-right groups such as Britain First often advocate the idea Islam is “inherently violent”

Anderson used software he developed, Odin Text, to analyse both the Old and New Testaments as well as an English-language version of the Quran dated from 1917.

It took just two minutes to complete the analysis and produce a series of data analysing the sentiment of words included in the scriptures.

Of eight emotions – joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger and anticipation – the Bible scored higher for anger and much lower for joy and trust than the Quran.

eight emotions bible

The analysis plotted the occurrence of eight major emotions


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