Killer whales photographed off Lewis by Shetland fisherman

Killer whales

A Shetland fisherman has captured pictures of killer whales in action off the west of Lewis in the Western Isles.

Martin Ramsay photographed the orcas on 18 January.

He has previously been lucky enough to photograph the animals, which are the world’s large species of dolphin, on other trips to sea.

Scotland provides habitat for the UK’s only known resident population of killer whales, which contains eight older animals.

Earlier this month, an orca found dead on Tiree was identified as a member of this group.

The carcass was found on 3 January and later identified by specialists from the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust as “Lulu”, a female member of the small population.

killer whalesImage copyrightMartin Ramsay
Killer whalesImage copyrightMartin Ramsay
Killer whale pictured in a previous yearImage copyrightMartin Ramsay
Image captionOne of Mr Ramsay’s photographs of an orca pictured off Scotland’s coast in a previous year