10 Uncomfortably Odd Stories Of Exotic Pets

The Naked Hoarder


John Pilotti Jr.’s response to Fox 29 reporter Chris O’Connell seemed downright feral. As the newsman stood outside a Philadelphia home for a 10:00 PM broadcast, Pilotti pounced, assailing O’Connell and his cameraman. The incensed 35-year-old was in no mood to have the press buzzing about his father’s home, perhaps because John Pilotti Sr. had nakedly perched himself on the front porch earlier that night. Or maybe it was because his naked father had been stockpiling a huge assortment of animals.

SPCA spokesman George Bengal suggested that Pilotti Sr. had amassed “every kind of species known to man.” It probably wasn’t much of an exaggeration. His home had become a grim Noah’s ark of living, dead, and mummified animals which included rats, roosters, turtles, tarantulas, cats, dogs, frogs, iguanas, and even an alligator. Junk strewn about the house made some of the poor creatures difficult to access.

As one might expect of a house that’s equal parts zoo, graveyard, and junkyard, Pilotti Sr.’s home stank to high heaven. Neighbors had purportedly lodged complaints about the noxious odor for years but were ignored. It was only after Pilotti Sr. began flaunting his naughty bits to the world and claiming to be part of the CIA that authorities decided to investigate the olfactory torture chamber lurking behind his front door. He was subsequently charged with animal cruelty.

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