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January 17, 2016

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic

How dumb do you think I am, science?

1. This octopus was clearly summoned by Satan himself.

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic
Roger Hanlon / Via

Chromatophores? Sounds like something the devil might make up, frankly.

2. This basketball is inhabited by some sort of evil spirt.

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic

The Magnus effect? Please.

3. This rock-like thing resting on a rose is obviously not real.

This rock-like thing resting on a rose is obviously not real.

Noerdy / Via

Don’t tell me it’s some sort of collection of freeze-dried carbon nanotubes. This is clearly magic.

4. You want me to believe this is not some black magic cooked up in the mind of an evil Disney witch?

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic
wildaboutimages / Via

A murmuration of sparrows? That word doesn’t even sound real…

5. Don’t you dare tell me this isn’t some sort of magic potion cauldron!

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic

The fact that it is actually molten copper poured on an antifreeze solution doesn’t mean it’s not a magic potion, science.

6. This is LITERALLY a crystal ball. C’mon!

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic
Devour / Via

A soap bubble in the process of freezing? You can try harder than that, science…

7. This is not science. This is clearly a magic trick.

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic
Concordia College Science Academy / Via

Propane bubbled through a soapy solution? Nope, not buying it.

8. These are not real clouds. This is some Mad Max: Fury Road shit.

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic
Alex Schueth / Via

Undulatus asperatus? That’s no cloud type, that’s a fucking Harry Potter spell.

9. What dark spell have you cast upon this sand, science?

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic

This is what happens when you spray sand with a water-repellant chemical? Likely story.

10. A stick that burns rock? Nope nope nope!

22 Things That Prove That Science Is Actually Just Magic
NightHawkInLight / Via

A homemade “thermic lance” that reacts oxygen with iron? That can’t be right…

A lot more magic at BuzzFeed

10 Uncomfortably Odd Stories Of Exotic Pets

The Naked Hoarder


John Pilotti Jr.’s response to Fox 29 reporter Chris O’Connell seemed downright feral. As the newsman stood outside a Philadelphia home for a 10:00 PM broadcast, Pilotti pounced, assailing O’Connell and his cameraman. The incensed 35-year-old was in no mood to have the press buzzing about his father’s home, perhaps because John Pilotti Sr. had nakedly perched himself on the front porch earlier that night. Or maybe it was because his naked father had been stockpiling a huge assortment of animals.

SPCA spokesman George Bengal suggested that Pilotti Sr. had amassed “every kind of species known to man.” It probably wasn’t much of an exaggeration. His home had become a grim Noah’s ark of living, dead, and mummified animals which included rats, roosters, turtles, tarantulas, cats, dogs, frogs, iguanas, and even an alligator. Junk strewn about the house made some of the poor creatures difficult to access.

As one might expect of a house that’s equal parts zoo, graveyard, and junkyard, Pilotti Sr.’s home stank to high heaven. Neighbors had purportedly lodged complaints about the noxious odor for years but were ignored. It was only after Pilotti Sr. began flaunting his naughty bits to the world and claiming to be part of the CIA that authorities decided to investigate the olfactory torture chamber lurking behind his front door. He was subsequently charged with animal cruelty.

9 more stories over at Listverse

Baidu open-sources its WARP-CTC artificial intelligence software

France drug trial: Brain-dead man dies in hospital

A picture taken on January 16, 2016, in Rennes, western France, shows the logo of the Biotrial laboratory

A man left brain-dead after an experimental drug trial in France has died, local media report.

He was one of six people being treated in hospital in the city of Rennes.

The other five remain in a stable condition, the hospital said, four had “neurological problems”, the fifth had no symptoms.

Reports that the drug was a cannabis-based painkiller have been denied by the French health ministry. The Paris prosecutor has opened an investigation

The trial, which involved taking the drug orally and has now been suspended, was conducted by a private laboratory in Rennes.

Ninety volunteers took the drug, manufactured by the Portuguese company Bial.

Ten of the other 84 have been tested, but did not display any of the “anomalies” of those admitted, the Rennes hospital said in its statement (in French).

On Friday, the chief neuroscientist at the hospital, Gilles Edan, said there was no known antidote to the drug.

full article at BBC NEWS










The Scary Reality Of Being A Homeless Woman In The Winter

More than half a million people in the U.S. are homeless, and women in this group face increased hardships during the chilly winter season.


In the winter some women will find themselves choosing to have sex with someone just to have shelter from the cold weather outside — a phenomenon often referred to assurvival sex. In 2009, the New York Times reported that nearly one third of homeless youth had participated in survival sex to get by on the streets and have a place to stay. Prostitution and survival sex can understandably be very dangerous to women.


In 2015, trans woman Sasha Washington told HuffPost Live that she engaged in survival sex as a homeless woman at the age of 15 and was nearly killed by a man on whom she performed oral sex.

“I wound up realizing that I was giving this guy oral head for two hours and thirty minutes and he’s not ejaculating yet, so I need to go,” she said. “He didn’t want me to go and he tried to kill me. So he left the room and went in the kitchen, came back and had the biggest knife … and he tried to stab me in my chest. Instead of him stabbing me in my chest, he took … [the top of] my wedding [ring] finger off.”

Washington said that the man then gave her a choice to be killed or let him penetrate her, even though she never let clients do that. She made an exception for this man to save her life.

“Then I ran out,” she said. “It was very risky. I could have been one of the trans girls that could have been dead and nobody would have known about it, you know?”

full story at attn:









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