George Osborne’s cuts mean poverty for another two million children, says report

The Fabian Society says the Tory attack on welfare will increase the number of kids living in poverty by 75% over the next 15 years

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Two million more children will grow up in poverty because of George Osborne’slatest cuts, a bombshell report warns.

The Chancellor’s cruel attack on welfare will have plunged an extra 3.6million Brits into poverty by Christmas 2030 – including 1.9million children, the Fabian Societyreveals.

It means the number of children living in poverty will rise by 75% over 15 years to 4.4million unless the attack on low income families is reversed.

The number of youngsters living in absolute poverty – meaning their family does not have enough cash for the basics of life – will rise by 800,000 over the same period.

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Fabians general secretary Andrew Harrop said: “If decisions made this year go unchanged, more British children will be hungry at Christmas 2030 than today.”

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Cruel: George Osborne’s cuts will increase poverty, a report warns

He warned: “We will live in a country where food banks are an entrenched part of life, not a response to short-term crisis.”

The report highlighted Mr Osborne’s cuts to Universal Credit as a key factor behind the projected surge in poverty.

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Although the Chancellor was forced to reverse his planned cuts to tax credits, he is pressing ahead with his attack on UC, which is being brought in to replace a raft of existing benefits by 2020.

Yesterday even the Government’s own adviser on social mobility, former Labour Minister Alan Milburn, told Mr Osborne to think again.

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