Source: The Silenced Struggle Against Neoliberalism




You wouldn’t think it from reading the mainstream media, but across the world activists, authors, academics and ordinary people are battling collectively against the inequality-causing, productivity-enforcing political agenda that is neoliberalism. Occupy Wall Street did not “fade away”, it thrived. Meanwhile, their inspiration , the Indignados, continue to fight against neoliberalism in Spain. Others struggle alongside them: the think tank, Project for the Advancement of our Common Humanity; the Rules organisation that tackles global inequalities, Mexico’s Zapatistas, and the Ekta Parishads of India.

The movement against neoliberalism spreads via publications consumed by millions of people worldwide. Causing quite a stir was Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the 20th century’. You’ve probably heard of Naomi Klein’s ‘No Logo’. Adding to this list of reputed anti-neoliberal literature, there is: Samir Amin’s ‘The Liberal Virus’, Christopher Boehm’s ‘Moral Origins: The evolution of virtue, altruism and shame’, Stanley Cohen’s ‘States of Denial’, Eric Beinhoffer’s ‘The Origin of Wealth’, the compilation of essays in ‘The Wealth of the Commons: A World beyond Market and State’, David Graeber’s ‘Debt; the first 5000 years’, and Charles Eisenstein’s ‘Sacred Economics’.

Organisations researching into the misdeeds of neoliberalism include ‘The New Economics Foundation’, ‘Positive Money’, ‘Strike Debt’ and ‘The Institute for New Economic Thinking’. They inform the public and seek alternative ways to organise society.

All this continuously misses the ears of the mainstream media.