Visit to Godenholm

This review first appeared in the Psychedelic Press journal 2015 Volume III

Albert Hofmann in Godenholm

Ernst Jünger’s short novelVisit to Godenholm, first published in Germany in 1952 as Besuch auf Godenholm[i], is now available in English language translation for the first time, thanks to the efforts of its translator Annabel Moynihan and Edda publishing.[ii]

It is published hardbound with dust jacket, limited to 400 copies in total: 360 standard copies and a special limited edition consisting of 40 copies. The special limited edition comes in a boxed set with a hand-made linoleum print by the book’s illustrator Fredrik Söderberg, signed and numbered. Publication as a limited fine edition indicates the esteem in which the author Ernst Jünger is held by the publisher and translator. Other than in the relevant volume of the collected works of Jünger’s considerable literary out, Besuch auf Godenholm has not been republished in Germany since its appearance in 1952, a testament to its obscure and esoteric nature.

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