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January 4, 2016

Klaus Størtebecker

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In the 13 and 1400’s, the sea was ruled by “Fataljebrødrene”; a band of pirates coming from all of the Northern countries. These pirates lived by a strict code, and they were known as “Likedelere”, which means “Those who share equally”. Over the years they had many leaders, or pirate kings. Klaus Størtebecker was one of them. He is maybe one of the most legendary pirates of Northern Europe. It is said he sailed a ship with a mast of gold, and that he once buried an enormous treasure somewhere in Germany, which has yet to be found. To people of that time, he was like a Robin Hood at sea; stealing from the rich traders, and being generous to the poor. Also he was a fearless warrior in battle. In the end he was hanged in a gold rope long enough to reach around the city of Hamburg, and his dying wish was for the executioners to grant pardon to all those of his men he could walk past – after his execution! It is said five men were pardoned.

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© Aly Song

The US Department of Homeland Security has made good on its late-2015 promise of mass deportations of undocumented immigrants from Central America. Immigration enforcement officers detained 121 people, mostly in Georgia, Texas and North Carolina.

Eleven families were part of the weekend deportation operation, which targeted people caught crossing the US-Mexico border after May 1, 2014. The families have been issued final orders of removal by a federal immigration court and have no further opportunities for appeal or prolonged legal action.

On Saturday, at least five families in the Atlanta area were detained, including Ana Lizeth Mejia, 30, and her 9-year-old son, according to reports. Immigration and Customs Enforcement  (ICE) agents entered the home of Mejia’s aunt, Joanna Gutierrez, claiming they were seeking a man Gutierrez did not know. After searching her home, the agents asked about Mejia, who had fled Honduras in the summer of 2014 after her brother was killed by a gang, according to the Los Angeles Times. Mejia had attended every court date, and was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitor, Gutierrez said.

“Why abuse a person who is already in the control of the court?”Gutierrez said.

Mejia’s relatives told EFE news agency that she faces a warrant for deportation on January 5.

Elsewhere in Atlanta, ICE agents “barged into homes, even when asked for warrants at the door, removing mothers and children as young as 4 years old,” according to the #Not1More Campaign, which stands in opposition to escalated“deportations, incarceration, and criminalization of immigrant communities.”

“They took away children so young they would’ve needed car seats in their vehicles for them,” said Adelina Nicholls, executive director of Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (GLAHR). “The fear this causes isn’t contained to ICE. It spreads to fear of the police, of local government, especially as ICE tries to get its reach back into local institutions.”

GLAHR is representing five of the deportation cases “that appear to be already transferred to a South Texas facility,” the group said.

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If everyone who is a member of the Hope Floats Group and a Friend on my FB gives £5 ie. The cost of a cuppy and a funcy piece, the target would be smashed and then some…

Our Justgiving page has gone live!

We’re raising money to help rebuild lives after Royal Deeside Floods because entire family homes were washed away in one night.. Support this JustGiving Crowdfunding Page.

Floods in Ballater,Alford and spreading over most of the Grampians and Aberdeenshire

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Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron © Francois Lenoir

Prime Minister David Cameron’s response to the refugee and migrant crisis engulfing Europe has been “too slow” and “clearly inadequate,” 27 leading charities have said in a joint statement.

The group of charities, including Oxfam and Amnesty International, called on the UK to take a proportionate share of refugees.

They urged the Conservative Party leader to show a “new resolve” to deal with the crisis, during the course of which almost 4,000 refugees died in 2015.

Last year’s announcement that the UK will resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees over five years was a welcome first step,” said the letter, which was coordinated by the British Refugee Council.

But given the numbers of people searching for safety across the globe, this response is clearly inadequate: it is too slow, too low and too narrow.”

The charities said the UK can and should be doing “much more” to ensure refugees are not “compelled to take life-threatening journeys or forced into smugglers’ hands.”

Commenting on the crisis, the Refugee Council said there are “no easy answers” to a humanitarian crisis of this magnitude.

However, the solution must not be to spend another year impassively watching on while desperate people drown or are forced to endure a march of misery across the continent as they try to find a safe haven or to be reunited with their loved ones,” its spokesperson told BBC News.

This year the prime minister must open his heart and show true statesmanship by welcoming far more refugees to the UK, enabling them to travel here safely and legally to live lives free from violence, tyranny and oppression,” they added.

Insisting the UK has worked its hardest to tackle the migrant crisis, a government spokesperson said: “The United Kingdom has a long and proud history of offering sanctuary to those who genuinely need our protection, with each claim for asylum judged on its individual merits.

The terrible images we have seen in the last year have moved us all, strengthening our resolve to help prevent more people suffering such a fate.

That is why we are resettling people directly from the countries neighboring Syria, to which so many refugees have fled, and we have already met our target of welcoming 1,000 of the most vulnerable before Christmas.”

The UK government is providing “life-saving aid to those most in need, both in and around Syria and in Europe,” the spokesperson added, talking on customary condition of anonymity.










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