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January 3, 2016

credit: A Quadrantid meteor. NASA

Sunday night will showcase the first meteor shower of 2016 to help you wash away those post-holiday blues and your three-day hangover from New Year’s Eve. The first meteor shower of the new year is called the Quadrantid meteor shower.

These cosmic fireworks are expected to peak on Sunday, January 3, from night through to dawn. If the weather conditions are good and you’re not drowned in light pollution, you should be able catch a fair few streaks darting across the sky. The Quadrantid meteor shower is usually best seen from the Northern Hemisphere due to the shower’s radiant point. However, provided you’re north of the equator, you shouldn’t need to worry too much exactly where to look in the sky.

Although they’re colloquially known as “shooting stars,” what you are actually seeing are tiny fragments of cosmic dust hitting the Earth’s atmosphere, burning up and leaving a trail. In the case of these Quadrantid meteors, they’re believed to be specks of debris flinging off from the comet known as 2003 EH1.

The loyal stargazers at Slooh will also be broadcasting a live show to go with the event from 7 PM EST / 4 PM PST / 00:00 UTC on Sunday night. Along with a selection of hosts and astronomers, the show will detail the best ways to see and photograph the cosmic fireworks, the science behind them and the mythology that accompanies them. You can use the tag @Slooh on Twitter to chat and interact with the show’s guests and use their expertise to answer any questions you may have.

You will be able to live stream the Slooh show in the player below.













Wait. Can The NSA Really Listen To Your iPhone Microphone?

In a recent article by Russian magazine Sputnik, Snowden’s previous claims that iPhones can be activated to spy on individuals re-surfaced when the whistle blower’s lawyer confirmed that Snowden himself would never use a smartphone.

“Edward never uses an iPhone, he’s got a simple phone,” Anatoly Kucherena told a Russian news agency last week. “The iPhone has special software that can activate itself without the owner, having to press a button and gather information about him, that’s why on security grounds he refused to have this phone.”

The above video examines Snowden’s claims and finds them to be entirely possible: the NSA can use your phone against you, and they can do this even when it’s switched off. What do you think? Does all this make you feel nostalgic for the glory days of bulky old Nokia handsets, or are you happy to forfeit privacy for new technology in the smartphone age? Let us know in the comments!

via: True Activist

Former CIA employee, Edward Snowden has said that he has evidence showing that Osama bin Laden, who was supposedly killed in Pakistan in 2011 by U.S. special forces, is still alive and well.

In an interview with the Moscow Tribune, Snowden said Osama was living in the Bahamas, on the payroll of the CIA.

He told the newspaper, “I have documents showing that Bin Laden is still on the CIA’s payroll. He is still receiving more than $100,000 a month, which is being transferred through some front businesses and organizations, directly to his Nassau bank account. I am not certain where he is now, but in 2013, he was living quietly in his villa with five of his wives and many children.”

Snowden, who now lives as a fugitive in Russia, fled the U.S. after leaking documents about the NSA’s mass surveillance programs to the media in 2013.

The report also said that Snowden previously too made some unreported allegations about Osama bin Laden.

Snowden goes on to say that the CIA orchestrated the fake death of the former leader of Al-Qaeda.

He claims that Osama was transported with his family to an undisclosed location in the Bahamas.

The report further quotes him as follows – “Osama bin Laden was one of the CIA’s most efficient operatives for a long time. What kind of message would it send their other operatives if they were to let the SEALs kill him? They organized his fake death with the collaboration of the Pakistani Secret Services, and he simply abandoned his cover. Since everyone believes he is dead, nobody’s looking for him, so it was pretty easy to disappear. Without the beard and the military jacket, nobody recognizes him.”

Not only this, Snowden categorically states that he will talk about the documents which prove Bin Laden is alive in his soon-to-be-released book.

However, Snowden’s claims have not been substantiated or confirmed by any other source.

The US government has filed espionage charges against Snowden for revealing classified NSA documents to journalists.

Published: 31 December 2015

source Naijapicks










The horror of Tesco selling live, packaged turtles in their supermarkets.

Why this is important

We are absolutely horrified at the barbaric sale of live, packaged turtles by Tesco (and other massive supermarkets most of us use) in China and demand that you set example and STOP this horrific business NOW.

Take a look at a VIDEO & PHOTOS of live packaged turtles at:

Millions of people have spent billions making Tesco what it is, but would they have if they knew of Tesco’s total disrespect for animal welfare just to make money?

Tesco is responsible for all stages of these creatures’ tortured existence from being farmed in terrible conditions, packaged in boxes to live on supermarket shelves gasping for life, to their customers’ no doubt random slaughtering techniques. When the turtles are killed in the shop they are butchered by having their heads cut off and crushed with no pre-stunning. At times they don’t die for a hour.

Hold Tesco to account and join One World Wildlife in demanding that Tesco reassess their business ethics and stop selling live creatures in their supermarkets. Only a mighty effort will make them take note.

Tesco stores also sell live bull frogs, kept in heartbreaking conditions, piled one on top of the other. The suffering inflicted on these animals is so extreme that if it took place in the UK, Tesco directors would undoubtedly face criminal charges. In addition to the most horrendous cruelty, the live turtle and frog trade is said to be acutely environmentally destructive, contributing to the rapid extinction of the Chinese soft shelled turtles which increasingly is being used to supplement farmed turtles.

Sign, SHARE and TWEET to the world NOW and help us reach 1,000,000 signings and let’s give this powerful company a powerful message!

Dominic Neate

Trustee of One World Wildlife.

Follow us on Twitter: @NeateDom



Image taken a few years ago. Latest sources say turtles are kept in tanks in Tesco stores, and wrapped in cling-film or slaughtered first for customers on request.

Video: Taken by Care of the Wild in 2008:

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