Trimingham, Norfolk

A teenage girl had to be winched to safety by helicopter when she got stuck in mud while trying to rescue her dog.

The coastguard was sent out after the girl got into difficulties at Trimingham on the Norfolk coast.

Rescue teams said the dog had become stuck and while it was winched up the cliff, its owner had become trapped.

A helicopter had to be sent from Humberside because local teams could not reach her on the ground in the soft mud.

UK Coastguard said the girl had laid flat at the base of the cliff in order to try and spread her weight.

A man in Cornwall drowned earlier in the day while trying to rescue one of his dogs from the sea.

Peter Macauley, from the UK Coastguard, said: “Although we understand people are very attached to their pets and become anxious when they are in trouble, we would continue to urge people to call 999 for coastguard when any assistance is required on the coast.”

Source  BBC NEWS: