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December 2015

Raspberry Pi was offered money for pre-installing malware on their computers

On Wednesday, the Raspberry Pi tweeted a photo of an email which offered the cash and ask the foundation to install a malware onto their computer before shipping them out. Which was kind a insane thing to ask to such a great foundation.

“Amazing. This person seems to be very sincerely offering us money to install malware on your machines,” said Liz.

Certainly that it is not the real name as in the picture and overseen the success of Raspberry Pi have brought them into the limelight. By now they have sold over 5 Million units and the number are still rising

The best part of Raspberry Foundation is the vision they have and all the money raised from selling these units go to a good cause. The money is invested in its largest educational missions and research centers. The foundation also train teachers for free and provide free educational resources.

This email has proved how the hackers are eager to bring down this mini computer with immense capability. The best thing about the foundation is the cheapest price for the source of education.

‘Raspberry Pi Foundations ‘ Liz Upton has deemed them, But after reading, reading about the estimated $70 million torrent piracy sites are ranking for serving malware to free media seekers. He also added “It makes him wonder how many other legitimate tech companies are receiving similar offers.

The fact that this group of “evildoers,” as Raspberry Pi Foundations’ Liz Upton has deemed them, would be so bold as to offer charitable groups like Raspberry Pi money to plant malicious software gives a small window of insight into just how hard some bad folks are will to work at spreading their evil schemes. But after reading about the estimated $70 million torrent piracy sites are raking in from serving malware to free media seekers, the offer is not surprising. It makes you wonder how many other “legitimate” tech companies are receiving similar offers and are perhaps even taking bad guys up on those offers.
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laser cut wood

Photo Credit: Martin Tomsky/Etsy, Bored Panda

Freelance illustrator and graphic artist Martin Tomsky is gifted in the art of laser cutting wood. He creates everything from tiny pendants and brooches of small animals intricately layered sculptural works depicting entire illustrated scenes, including these particularly stunning fantasy worlds.

Tomsky writes on Bored Panda that his main interests have always been drawing, nature and fairy tales, which are the three primary ingredients he uses to create his works of art. He explains:

“By building up layers of laser cut stained plywood, I create intricate relief pieces that bridge the gap between craft, illustration and sculpture. These works are essentially drawings that have been brought off the page and into the real world as a permanent form of storytelling.   Much more at Earthporm








African American children are attacked by dogs and water cannons during a protest against segregation organized by Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth in May 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama.  (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

The Alabama state constitution, which is 310,000 words long, was written with the purpose of disenfranchising blacks.

As the presidential race heats up and the American public becomes consumed with the drama that will inevitably engulf the campaign, we should not forget that democracies are intended to be based on voter enfranchisement, and that in many ways America is still lacking in this regard.

There are many techniques that America could employ to increase voter turnout, but one of our most pressing obstacles is the states that have consistently worked toward disenfranchising large swaths of their electorate. In this election cycle, Alabama may be the most egregious offender. You probably think you know all the reasons for this, but here’s one reason I bet you don’t know: It’s all in the state’s constitution.

To put it mildly, Alabama’s constitution is an absurd document. It is the longest still-operative constitution in the world at more than 310,000 words long. It is 40 times longer than the U.S. Constitution and 12 times longer than the average state constitution. Alabama’s constitution is insanely long because it gives the state legislature the power to administer over most counties directly, and as a result about 90 percent of the constitution consists of nearly 900 amendments. Some of the amendments cover mundane issues such as salary increases for county officials or the regulation of bingo games in Macon and Greene counties. The U.S. Constitution, in comparison, has only 27 amendments.

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Christians & Muslims Celebrate Christmas Together In The Holy Town of Najaf

Leave, convert or die was the threat given by ISIS to all the Christians living in Mosul and the majority of them decided to go with the reliable option and fled ISIL control area. Head in the direction of the southern part of Iraq that is considered to be comparatively safe and secure, the Christian people were greeted with presents of a safe new home in the towns of Karbala & Najaf, that accommodates several final resting places of the family members of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Shia Islam.



In a statement made by the clergyman from the shrine of Hazrat Ali (RA), it was said that it is going to serve the Christian family members who left their dwellings in worry of being slaughtered by what is what is known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Zuhair Shurba, the Legislator Assistant General of the Holy Shrine, made a statement saying that The mosque can hold plenty of Christian households and supply all of them their everyday necessities. And this is not only limited to the Christians but for anyone fleeing that area and finding haven in Najaf. After the press releases, the Iraqi city of Basra even opened up to comfort the force out Christians, since this started in the summers of last year by now there are more than 400 plus Christain settlements in that area along with the surroundings areas.7053058-3x2-700x467 The Christian religion is outlined more than once in the Holy Quran the religious scriptures of the Muslims, detailing most of the uplifting connection amongst people living in the nearby places. Not only did the immigrants brought their lives to Najaf and the surrounding areas but also their traditions and especially Christmas – check out this report from Iraqi newscasters giving more insight on now it is being celebrated there.SERRRR





It’s that time of year again… BUB’s annual Magical Yule Log Video has become a worldwide holiday tradition, and this third annual Magical Yule Log Video is the MOST MAGICAL ONE YET. Pop it on your big screen, cuddle up, and enjoy.

Be sure to stick around for some very special guest appearances from Josie and Special Agent Dale Coope

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The world could really use some love and hope right now. And this video is just that – a message of hope. It’s a gentle reminder that, though all seems dark right now, there is light still left in this world. And it’s time we let it in.

The Sufi version of christmas songs with traditional instruments,absolutely lovely

First published in 1937, J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic Lord of the Rings prequel The Hobbit, or There and Back Again, has been translated into more than 40 languages.

In addition to different translations, dozens of uniquely illustrated versions of the children’s story have been released over the years.

This 1976 Soviet edition features illustrations by M. Belomlinskij, depicting Bilbo, Gandalf, Gollum and Smaug in a style that is precise and stark while still charming and cartoonish.

more fantastic pictures at the ever entertaining Mashable





ISIS sanctions organ harvesting from living ‘apostates’… even if it kills them

© Petr Josek Snr

I feel such sadness and despair that human beings will do such a thing to one another.EVERYONE even a small child knows with utter certainty that hurting others is wrong.

We ALL know that the solution to all our problems is peace,to lay down our weapons and start talking,start building bridges of understanding,to truly learn how the world looks through another’s eyes.Then we could transform this world too the Eden it could be.

Instead  more mothers will cry over the bodies of their children burying the hopes and dreams of yet another generation.

© Petr Josek Snr

Islamic State’s human organ harvesting is sanctioned by a fatwa issued last January, when the group’s Islamic scholars explained that internals of ‘apostates’ could be extracted from their bodies for the needs of Muslims, even if the ‘donors’ die.

A document obtained by Reuters reveals that organs harvesting is charitable deed by codes of Islamic State (IS, former ISIS/ISIL), maintains IS’ Research and Fatwa Committee.

“The apostate’s life and organs don’t have to be respected and may be taken with impunity,” says Fatwa (religious ruling) #68 issued January 31, 2015. “The notion that transplanting healthy organs into a Muslim person’s body in order to save the latter’s life or replace a damaged organ with it is permissible,” the document says, specifying that removal of organs that“end the captive’s life” is also not prohibited.

© thomsonreuters

The Fatwa #68 was reportedly found in a trove of other Islamic State’s documents obtained by the US special forces as a result of raid into eastern Syria in May. Reuters could not independently confirm the authenticity of the document.

The data retrieved in May has been compiled into ‘Lessons Learned From the Abu Sayyaf Raid’ package exposing IS of justifying practices punishable elsewhere in the world, the human organs trafficking being just one of them.

© thomsonreuters

The raid in May that resulted in killing Abu Sayyaf, IS’s top financial official, brought the US seven terabytes of data from terrorist’s computer hard drives, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs and papers, Reuters cited Brett McGurk, the US president’s special envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL.

In February this year, Iraq’s ambassador to the United Nations, Mohamed Alhakim, called on the 15-member UN Security Council to look at allegations of organ removal by the IS, urging the UNSC to investigate the issue.

He informed that bodies with surgical incisions and missing kidneys had been discovered in shallow mass graves on Iraqi territory.

“We have bodies. Come and examine them,” Alhakim said.  “It is clear they are missing certain parts.”

He also said several doctors had been executed in Mosul for refusing to participate in organ harvesting.

READ MORE: ISIS ‘organ harvesting’ must be probed by Security Council – Iraqi envoy

In August the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reported of French-speaking IS militants openly discussing harvesting human organs from sex slaves on social media back in September 2014.

READ MORE: ‘Spare parts’: ISIS fighters discuss prices of human organs on social media

The fatwa obtained by Reuters does not define who could be attributed as ‘Kafir’ (disbeliever in Islam), but enslaving of minorities practicing other religions on the territories controlled by IS is a well-established fact. Thousands of Iraqi women have already been forced into sex slavery, with as many as 3,000 women and girls having been taken captive only from the Yazidi tribe in Iraq during IS offensives across the region.

READ MORE: ISIS releases horrifying sex slave pamphlet, justifies child rape

IS has issued a number of fatwas, providing legal justification to a range of criminal and openly barbaric practices.

For example Fatwa #64 issued on January 29, 2015, presents regulations for rape, explaining in detail when and how Islamic State militants should have sexual intercourse with female slaves.

IS even has a fatwa justifying cannibalism in extreme circumstances.

“A group of Islamic scholars have permitted, if necessary, one to kill the apostate in order to eat his flesh, which is part of benefiting from his body,” the regulation says.





















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