This House Has Not Been Touched For 50 Years - Its For Sale And Holds A Massive Suprise

This house was built in 1956, but was never occupied until 2010 when he decided to move in. The reason it was vacant for so long is still a mystery. But the homeowner said that when he moved in, all of the appliances that used to be state of the art, were still in their brand new, original condition. They even had the original owner’s manuals taped to the sides. While I have a lot of questions about why this house was vacant for over 50 years, I sure am glad the homeowner decided to take pictures of this preserved gem, and share them for all to see.


This kitchen is adorable, with the completely original counter tops and appliances. It might be a little pink for some people’s tastes, but when designed in the 1950s, pink had a much deeper meaning.


First Lady Mamie Eisenhower’s favorite color was pink. Her love for pink inspired a whole country when it came to decorating their bathrooms and kitchens. Mamie loved pink so much, she made sure that the cotton balls she used were also pink.


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