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December 26, 2015

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There’s never been a riskier time to use plastic to pay for your holiday shopping. A couple of German security experts found a new flaw in payment terminals – the very thing designed to protect your information – that allows hackers to steal all your money.

Previous attacks exploit software bugs, like you would have on your computer. Ones that can be fixed with a software update,” renowned German code-breaker Karsten Nohl of Security Research Labs in Berlin told RT’s Peter Oliver. “Now, what we’re attacking is the protocol itself. The devices work exactly as intended and are still vulnerable. So this is a risk that cannot easily be fixed with a patch.

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Engineers from the University of New South Wales, Australia, have made an important breakthrough that brings quantum computers one step closer to reality.

The team created a quantum version of a standard computer code within a silicon chip. The discovery shows that it is possible to construct realistic and reliable quantum computers.

Quantum computers have the potential to solve problems much more quickly than any computer that exists today, as they combine the rules of informatics to phenomena of quantum mechanics that are not observed in everyday life. Namely, the principle of superposition, popularized by Schrödinger’s cat being both alive and dead, andentanglement.

The specific test conducted in Australia used entanglement to run the code. Entangled particles are created together in a specific way so that their properties, such as energy and momentum, are connected. If a property is changed on one particle, for example during a measurement, the others will be affected as well. The changes are instantaneous, even if the two particles are at opposite ends of the universe, so scientists thought that it might be a violation of special relativity, which dictates that information cannot travel faster than light. Recently, it has been demonstrated that entanglement is a real phenomenon, though.

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Hind Al-Mutairi

The Arab Network for Human Rights Information on Thursday denounced the decision by Khalid Al-Faysal, the Emir of Mecca, on 21 December 2015 to bar poet Hind Al-Mutairi from taking part in a function organised in the province because of a poem she recited at the International Book Fair in Jeddah a few days ago.

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Andy Davey

The sports minister has said that parliament has “better things to be concerned with” than holding a vote on repealing the Hunting Act.

Tracey Crouch said fox hunting is a “pursuit from the past” that should be “consigned to history”, despite a government pledge for a free vote on the issue.

With Boxing Day hunts taking place, a new poll suggests that more than 80% of the public oppose legalising hunting with dogs again.

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Raspberry Pi was offered money for pre-installing malware on their computers

On Wednesday, the Raspberry Pi tweeted a photo of an email which offered the cash and ask the foundation to install a malware onto their computer before shipping them out. Which was kind a insane thing to ask to such a great foundation.

“Amazing. This person seems to be very sincerely offering us money to install malware on your machines,” said Liz.

Certainly that it is not the real name as in the picture and overseen the success of Raspberry Pi have brought them into the limelight. By now they have sold over 5 Million units and the number are still rising

The best part of Raspberry Foundation is the vision they have and all the money raised from selling these units go to a good cause. The money is invested in its largest educational missions and research centers. The foundation also train teachers for free and provide free educational resources.

This email has proved how the hackers are eager to bring down this mini computer with immense capability. The best thing about the foundation is the cheapest price for the source of education.

‘Raspberry Pi Foundations ‘ Liz Upton has deemed them, But after reading, reading about the estimated $70 million torrent piracy sites are ranking for serving malware to free media seekers. He also added “It makes him wonder how many other legitimate tech companies are receiving similar offers.

The fact that this group of “evildoers,” as Raspberry Pi Foundations’ Liz Upton has deemed them, would be so bold as to offer charitable groups like Raspberry Pi money to plant malicious software gives a small window of insight into just how hard some bad folks are will to work at spreading their evil schemes. But after reading about the estimated $70 million torrent piracy sites are raking in from serving malware to free media seekers, the offer is not surprising. It makes you wonder how many other “legitimate” tech companies are receiving similar offers and are perhaps even taking bad guys up on those offers.
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