Christians & Muslims Celebrate Christmas Together In The Holy Town of Najaf

Leave, convert or die was the threat given by ISIS to all the Christians living in Mosul and the majority of them decided to go with the reliable option and fled ISIL control area. Head in the direction of the southern part of Iraq that is considered to be comparatively safe and secure, the Christian people were greeted with presents of a safe new home in the towns of Karbala & Najaf, that accommodates several final resting places of the family members of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Shia Islam.



In a statement made by the clergyman from the shrine of Hazrat Ali (RA), it was said that it is going to serve the Christian family members who left their dwellings in worry of being slaughtered by what is what is known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Zuhair Shurba, the Legislator Assistant General of the Holy Shrine, made a statement saying that The mosque can hold plenty of Christian households and supply all of them their everyday necessities. And this is not only limited to the Christians but for anyone fleeing that area and finding haven in Najaf. After the press releases, the Iraqi city of Basra even opened up to comfort the force out Christians, since this started in the summers of last year by now there are more than 400 plus Christain settlements in that area along with the surroundings areas.7053058-3x2-700x467 The Christian religion is outlined more than once in the Holy Quran the religious scriptures of the Muslims, detailing most of the uplifting connection amongst people living in the nearby places. Not only did the immigrants brought their lives to Najaf and the surrounding areas but also their traditions and especially Christmas – check out this report from Iraqi newscasters giving more insight on now it is being celebrated there.SERRRR