Great Tarantino film. The actors and their respective dialogue drive the movie but within the script is a good mystery/suspense movie, a good thriller movie,a dark comedy and a good western. I started the movie with a Tarantino “bias” I had from his other films but got turned around as the plot develop. The mystery and suspense of a “who done it” I found somewhat refreshing. The dark comedy, (dark is putting it mildly) at times left me smiling at things that naturally I should not be smiling at which Tarantino is good at. Going in I did not realize it was a 3 hour film and it held my attention throughout with some backing up for total understanding dialogue. There will probably be some editing for the official release as this is a screening and most likely the directors cut I’m guessing.It is a very good film, with the best Tarantino actors, a great dialogue and story adding to the every increasing Tarantino list of credits.

here is the link unblocked for the UK  The Hateful eight