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Prime Minister David Cameron is a “hypocrite” for praising healthcare workers and paying tribute to the homeless in his Christmas message while imposing austerity on public services, veteran filmmaker Ken Loach has said.

In his annual festive message, the PM sent his condolences to families spending Christmas in refugee camps and shelters.

‘We must pay tribute’

Millions of families are spending this winter in refugee camps or makeshift shelters across Syria and the Middle East, driven from their homes by Daesh [Islamic State] and [Syrian President] Assad,” Cameron said.

He further expressed his sympathy for those in Britain spending the festive period ill, homeless or alone.

If there is one thing people want at Christmas, it’s the security of having their family around them and a home that is safe. But not everyone has that,” he said.

The Conservative Party leader then went on to praise National Health Service (NHS) staff for surrendering their own Christmas to fulfill their duty of care.

We must pay tribute to the thousands of doctors, nurses, carers and volunteers who give up their Christmas to help the vulnerable — and to [members of the armed forces] who are spending this season even further from home,” he added.


His message, however, was mocked by filmmaker Ken Loach, who called the PM a “hypocrite.”

The director, who is known for his social realist style and socialist themes, questioned whether Cameron “thinks of the poor he punishes with cruel sanctions.”

He talks of coming together with his loved ones in safety and security,” he told the Morning Star.

Does he think of the poor he punishes with cruel sanctions and delayed benefits? Or the thousands of families his government has condemned to homelessness, temporary accommodation or hostels, while new tower blocks are built for rich speculators?

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