Former Justice Secretary calls for cannabis decriminalisation, drugs policy rethink

A FORMER Scottish justice secretary has branded the so-called war on drugs a failure and called for a sweeping reform of laws governing the use and possession of illegal substances.

Kenny MacAskill is by far the most senior British politician to back decriminalisation and said Scotland should to get the power to introduce the kind of liberal drug legislation currently being implemented in other countries.

Speaking in a personal rather than party capacity, Mr MacAskill said: “My view is that we should look to treat drugs as a public health problem rather than a law and order one.

“We should stop locking up young people and the, frankly, the poor.

“This is the direction of travel all over the world in countries like the United States and Portugal.

“It allows you to invest the resources that currently go in to law and order, policing, in to health.”