Heather and Fred Dews claim 18-month-old Max did not have behavioural problems and was unnecessarily destroyed by Blue Cross

When Fred and Heather Dews began struggling to control their boisterous dog on his long beach walks, they knew it was time to make the heart wrenching decision to give him up.

The elderly couple were both in ill health; Mrs Dews had been fighting cancer while her 82-year-old husband had begun to suffer from angina and was at risk of a stroke. As much as they loved Max, their German Shepherd/Spanish Mastiff cross, they knew he would be better off with a younger, fitter family.

But just three weeks after handing him over to the Blue Cross charity, which they say assured them he would be rehomed as soon as possible, they were left devastated after being told the 18-month-old mutt, which they had rescued as a six-week-old, had been put down, despite their desperate pleas to the contrary.

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