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December 20, 2015

Iranians spontaneously create ‘walls of kindness’ to help the homeless

Photo of a wall with clothes hanging on it

Faced with cold weather and a troubled economic situation, Iranians are organising spontaneous outdoor charity drives.

But the “walls of kindness” appearing in major Iranian cities have also generated a debate online about efforts to help the poor.

The idea seems to have started in the north-eastern city of Mashhad, where someone installed a few hooks and hangers on a wall, next to the words: “If you don’t need it, leave it. If you need it, take it.” Donations of coats, trousers and other warm clothing started to appear.

The person who initially set up what came to be known as the “wall of kindness” wishes to remain anonymous, according to a local newspaper. But the idea quickly spread to other cities, fuelled by thousands of Iranians on social media.

Photo of a wall with clothes hanging on it

full article at The BBC















Su-24 flight recorder confirms Russian aircraft did not violate Turkish airspace

Su-24 flight recorder says Russian aircraft did not violate Turkish airspace. Su-24 flight recorder

The Russian Defense Ministry held an open briefing devoted to the results of the decoding of flight recorders of the Su-24 bomber aircraft that was shot down by Turkish Air Force.

As it was said at the briefing, Russia has all evidence to prove that the warplane of the Russian Air Force did not violate Turkish airspace.

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“We have all the necessary evidence to confirm the absence of facts to establish violations of Turkey’s airspace by the Russian aircraft,”Sergei Dronov, Deputy Commander of the Russian Air Force said, RIA Novosti reports.

He added that the Russian bomber was carrying out its mission in the mountainous area of Syria and did not pose any danger to Turkey and its citizens.

The analysis of the data of flight recorders of the downed Russian Su-24 will be conducted openly. The use of special equipment allows to conclude that the decoding of the data was conducted as usual.

None of the countries that have been following the investigation of the incident with the downing of the Russian military aircraft has denied the information voiced by officials of the Russian Air Force, Defense Ministry and the President of Russia.

“No one, but Turkey, has refuted the data of objective monitoring of air conditions in the specified area of ​​Syria,” said Sergey Dronov, Deputy Commander of the Russian Federation Air Force.

First data of the decoding of the Su-24 flight recorders will be exposed on Monday, December 21 at the session of the Interstate Aviation Committee.









Most smuggled ISIS oil goes to Turkey, sold at low prices – Norwegian report

People talk as they stand next to oil barrels at a makeshift oil refinery site in al-Mansoura village in Raqqa's countryside © Hamid Khatib

A newly-leaked report on illegal oil sales by Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL), which was ordered to be compiled by Norway, has revealed that most of the IS-smuggled oil has been destined for Turkey, where it is sold off at bargain low prices.

Norwegian daily Klassekampen leaked details of the report, which was put together by Rystad Energy, an independent oil and gas consulting firm, at the request of the Norwegian Foreign Ministry.

“Large amounts of oil have been smuggled across the border to Turkey from IS-controlled areas in Syria and Iraq,”Klassekampen cited the report as saying. “[The] oil is sent by tankers via smuggling routes across the border [and] is sold at greatly reduced prices, from $25 to $45 a barrel.”

The crude is reportedly sold on the black market at greatly reduced prices, while the Brent benchmark is currently trading at $35-$50 per barrel.

full article at RT







Dog has been man’s best friend for 33,000 years

Ancient dogs have been our companions and fellow hunters for thousands of years..They scavenged alongside humans  in South Eat Asia.It shows that the first domesticated dogs came about 33,000 years ago and migrated to Europe, rather than descending from domesticated European wolves 10,000 years ago as had previously been thought.

Scientists have long puzzled over how man’s best friend came into existence but there is conflicting evidence on when and where wild wolves were first tamed

So in one of the largest studies of its kind Professor Peter Savolainen and colleagues sequenced the genomes of 58 members of the dog family including grey wolves, indigenous dogs from south-east and north-east Asia, village dogs from Nigeria, and a collection of breeds from the rest of the world, such as the Afghan Hound and Siberian Husky.

The DNA analysis published in Cell Research found those from south-east Asia had a higher degree of genetic diversity, and were most closely related to grey wolves from which domestic dogs evolved. For the full article and to read about the scientific research of their evolution read more at the  The Telegraph found originally at The Presurfer




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