In protests of the future, how will the underground fight back?


Off-Grid Network

Scenario: Local off line networks are not new to protests. We’ve seen mesh networks in many colors and flavors used in past protests, Firechat being the most recent.

The Backslash router is one that is tailor made for fast deployment in emergency situations. With the quick pull of a strap, someone can launch a node for an offline network, which can allow localized communication even during internet and cellular blackouts. Additionally, when used in combination with the Backslash network of wearables, protesters have the ability to plot areas of conflict accurately on a map.


Personal Blackbox

Scenario: In modern protests, the majority of photos and videos are user generated, sourced from protesters who consider themselves a new independent media. They show us brutal acts of law enforcement and document historical events from the inside. The power of these images is a threat, which leads to cameras being confiscated or broken.

This wifi enabled storage device allows you and others around to upload photos and videos anonymously, without metadata, to a personal cloud. Your personal blackbox for protests keeps a backup of the vital data so that abuses can be documented even if something happens to your phone or camera.