The dawn of 20th century and prior were days of conservatism ,especially in swimwear.During 1900’s swim suits for both men and women were full coverage ,until 1910’s when hemline started to creep up to the knee.This period was prior to the roaring and rebellion twenties,which helped cause the shift to more racy swimsuits of the future.
Clara Bow with a surfboard 1920s surfing summeractresses,
1922 bathing suit,history of the bathing suit,1920s swimming suits,Gloria Swanson and Phyllis Haver 1917,bathing beauties as “sirens of the sea.” c. 1920’s. by mack sennett,new year’s bathing suit 1922,Two guys in 1920s Bathing Suits,Beach buddies circa 1930,Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Best Swimsuit: 1922,wearing spruce wood veneer bathing suits1929,
Annette Kellerman promotes women’s right to wear a fitted one-piece bathing suit, 1907, She was arrested for indecency,Man at the beach fined for not wearing decent clothes,1920s swimwear and zebra,Edwardian Women at the Shore,beach fashions 1923,1920’s Beach Beauty,Bathing Beauties 1919,Antique Edwardian Bathing Beauty,1922 girls of summer,1920’s pin up girl in bathing suit ,sonia delaunay beachwear 1927,Gerhard Riebicke photograph 1920’s,A day at the beach 1925,Sign from 1920, vintage seaside 1890’s, Friends at the beach, 1890-1900’s, 19th century-1898 swimwear,Leila Hyams & Myrna Loy,Wooden bathing suits 1929,Phyllis Haver, 1920’s beach style, bathing suit, Miss France 1920,Dreaming of the Last Days of Summer 1920s, Diane Ellis and Carole Lombard1920,Mack Sennett Bathing Beauty 1920,Fashion Show 1928,victorian bathers, beach babe, Love at the seaside1902,1893 a young woman in a one piece bathing costume exiting a bathing machine on a North Sea beach,A day at the shore 1902,