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November 16, 2015

PSYCHOLOGY & PSYCHIATRY 0 Best and Worst in Psychology and Psychiatry – September 2015 by Carla Clark, PhD | October 24, 2015


Antidepressants worsen depression in patients with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder

Enhanced depression symptoms and suicidal ideation are counter-intuitively well-known side effects of most, if not all, antidepressant drugs. When it comes to bipolar disorder new research suggest caution should be taken in administering currently available antidepressants to clients whose condition is considered to be rapidly-cycling, i.e. they experience at least four episodes within a 12-month period.

The randomized clinical trial found that rapid-cycling patients who continued antidepressants following initial treatment for the episode experienced three times the number of depressive episodes the following year as those who discontinued use of antidepressants. With approximately 25% of bipolar patients considered to rapid-cycling in the US, authors suggest avoiding antidepressant use in these patients as they will probably increase mania, cycling and depression.

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John McCain Admits On Fox News He’s “Intimate” with ISIS

John McCain Admits On Fox News He’s “Intimate” with ISIS

By Nick Bernabe (TheAntiMedia)

Lead war monger and Senator John McCain has confirmed Live On Fox News what many people had suspected, he met with ISIS in Syria and is in direct contact with them.  He even goes so far as to admit that he “knows these people intimately, I talk to them all the time.” unlike Senator Rand Paul. That should have people rethinking about the US involvement in fighting ISIS in Syria.

The ‘moderate’ opposition to ISIS in Syria just signed a non-aggression pact with them, meaning that they will now fight together to topple Assad. So unless America and our war hungry allies are planning on completely manufacturing new rebels from Syrian refugee camps in Turkey, we have no friends in the region.

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Troops deployed to build flood barriers as storms batter northern England


Torrential rain has brought flooding to counties across the north of England, causing major disruption to train services, roads and farmland. Soldiers have been deployed to build flood barriers in Lancashire and Cumbria.

The Environmental Agency (EA) issued severe flood warnings this weekend, indicating a risk to life.

It confirmed that 180 millimeters of rain fell over some parts of northern England on Saturday night.

A handful of homes are thought to have been affected. Experts fear up to 1,600 properties could be at risk.

Train services in north Wales have been disrupted by higher river levels in Powys.

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