The ISIS group known as the Cyber Caliphate hacked 54,000 Twitter accounts and leaked online data of heads of the CIA and FBI.

We have discussed several times about the cyber capabilities of the ISIS sympathizers, recently Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer for F-Secure, said he worries about cyber extremists that could penetrate critical infrastructure and cause serious damages.

The expert explained that the ISIS is probably the first group of terrorist that has hacking capabilities to manage a major attack against a government infrastructure, and the situation is getting worse because this group is gaining greater awareness of the effectiveness of an offensive launched by the cyberspace.

Now ISIS hackers are in the headline once again, they collective known as the Cyber Caliphate has hacked tens of thousands of Twitter accounts, including the accounts belonging to several members of the CIA and the FBI, in revenge for the US drone strike that killed the British Jihadist hacker Junaid Hussain in August

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