You Have No Idea What the Term ‘Depressed’ Really Means Until It Devours You

Artwork by Dan Evans

Remember when you were younger and you used to say you were “depressed” all the time? Same episode of Boy Meets World as yesterday? Depressed. No fucking custard left at lunchtime? Depressed. Lost a game of headers and volleys? Christ, will I ever catch a break?

“Depressing” was just another way of saying: “This is bullshit.” Growing up, it was a nebulous term that had no real applicable meaning, one that could be used semi-sincerely and derided in the same breath. Today, many of us use it with the same flippancy. Seeing a one-legged pigeon is depressing. A lunch from POD is roundly depressing. Even the success of your enemies can be depressing. “Fuck,” you say. “Dean got that job? That’s fucking depressing as fuck.”

Like many things, depression can be a hard thing to “get” until you have a real sense of what it’s like. It’s like before you try ecstasy – you can’t really “get” the level of joy and contentment and love you’re going to feel. You can tritely attempt to express it with words like “loved up” and “mashed off your nut” but they can’t convey the fizz, the glee, the closeness. Look: I’m doing a bad job of it myself.

full article and it is a very good read for anyone trying to understand depression or convey to a loved one what it can be like :rest here at Vice