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This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

Primary school. Am I right, guys? Those lazy, crazy days of eating Cheestrings, doodling Slipknot logos, and being horrible to everyone all the time.

Then comes secondary school and most people’s first flutter with drugs. Depending on your background, your initial dance with the blurry-eyed devil will differ. It could be a bang on some of your older brother’s Emphysema Haze. Or, for the popular kids, perhaps a line of cocaine gifted to you at party you’re not really supposed to be at. Or, if you’re moving in very dodgy circles for a 15-year-old, a quick go on some Bad Drugs.

Your average British school’s attitude towards drugs will be—and, for the most part, has to be—the same as your parents’: don’t do them, you’ll die of benefits cheating. You will be cheating the benefits system for so long that the abject distress of it all will make your once healthy, rosy skin wither away until you’re reduced to just a dole form and a pen attached to its holder with a metal chain.

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