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November 4, 2015

1910s America in Color

This is a wonderful article on 1910 America by Kuriositas

As now, so then: people loved to show off in front of the camera.  After all, full color photography was rare and so one would have to wear one’s finery for the gentleman with the camera – it would be positively rude not to!

more here :Kuriositas

The Drug Lessons They Should Have Taught You at School by Joe Bish

Photo by Ivy Dawned via Flickr

This article originally appeared on VICE UK.

Primary school. Am I right, guys? Those lazy, crazy days of eating Cheestrings, doodling Slipknot logos, and being horrible to everyone all the time.

Then comes secondary school and most people’s first flutter with drugs. Depending on your background, your initial dance with the blurry-eyed devil will differ. It could be a bang on some of your older brother’s Emphysema Haze. Or, for the popular kids, perhaps a line of cocaine gifted to you at party you’re not really supposed to be at. Or, if you’re moving in very dodgy circles for a 15-year-old, a quick go on some Bad Drugs.

Your average British school’s attitude towards drugs will be—and, for the most part, has to be—the same as your parents’: don’t do them, you’ll die of benefits cheating. You will be cheating the benefits system for so long that the abject distress of it all will make your once healthy, rosy skin wither away until you’re reduced to just a dole form and a pen attached to its holder with a metal chain.

Full article over at VICE

this is a fantastic article by Joe Bish and the reality of mental health

You Have No Idea What the Term ‘Depressed’ Really Means Until It Devours You

Artwork by Dan Evans

Remember when you were younger and you used to say you were “depressed” all the time? Same episode of Boy Meets World as yesterday? Depressed. No fucking custard left at lunchtime? Depressed. Lost a game of headers and volleys? Christ, will I ever catch a break?

“Depressing” was just another way of saying: “This is bullshit.” Growing up, it was a nebulous term that had no real applicable meaning, one that could be used semi-sincerely and derided in the same breath. Today, many of us use it with the same flippancy. Seeing a one-legged pigeon is depressing. A lunch from POD is roundly depressing. Even the success of your enemies can be depressing. “Fuck,” you say. “Dean got that job? That’s fucking depressing as fuck.”

Like many things, depression can be a hard thing to “get” until you have a real sense of what it’s like. It’s like before you try ecstasy – you can’t really “get” the level of joy and contentment and love you’re going to feel. You can tritely attempt to express it with words like “loved up” and “mashed off your nut” but they can’t convey the fizz, the glee, the closeness. Look: I’m doing a bad job of it myself.

full article and it is a very good read for anyone trying to understand depression or convey to a loved one what it can be like :rest here at Vice

Spies Get Right To See What Websites You Visit

Sky News:Under new spying powers, police and security services will be able to see what websites a person has visited without a warrant.


The web browsing history of every person in the UK will be recorded for a year, under new legislation being announced by the Home Secretary later.

Police and security services will be able to access that data – which will include all the sites a person visits, but not the individual pages within that site – without a warrant.

The new draft Investigatory Powers Bill is an attempt to bring many different surveillance powers of the security services and police under one comprehensive piece of legislation.

It will be examined by both Houses of Parliament before voting on the final version of the bill in 2016.

full article at SkyNews

Supporters of blogger Raif Badawi met by closed doors at Saudi embassy

By the Canadian press:

Ensaf Haidar, wife of Raif Badawi, stands next to a poster of a book of articles written by the imprisoned Saudi blogger, Tuesday, June 16, 2015 in Montreal. Badawi, who isimprisoned for criticizing Islam on his blog, is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence and is also supposed to receive 1,000 lashes delivered in batches of 50 over 20 weeks.

OTTAWA — Supporters of Raif Badawi found themselves up against the closed doors of Saudi Arabia’s embassy Monday as they tried unsuccessfully to deliver 31,000 letters demanding the imprisoned blogger’s release.

Badawi, whose wife and three children live in Quebec, was sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in jail for his criticism of Saudi clerics.

Demonstrators gathered to hand over the letters and petitions, which come from about 20 different countries, primarily Canada.

But unlike the first time they tried something similar earlier in the year, Saudi officials wouldn’t open the door.

full article and more at Montreal Gazette

Saudi Royal Drama: It Pays to Be a Secret Queen 1 Gabrielle Bluestone

Saudi Royal Drama: It Pays to Be a Secret Queen

Shelter in place—there’s a high drama alert on the streets of London, where a secret queen has come forth to claim her fortune.

Here’s the story: a prince fell in love with a young commoner—he converted her to Islam—he married her—he forced her to have three abortions—and then he went on with his life like nothing happened.

The secret relationship between former Saudi King Fahd and his then-19-year-old bride, Janan Harb, was short—according to reports, Harb was forced to leave the country just two years after their alleged 1968 marriage and soon remarried. But she never forgot the king and the king never forgot to replenish her bank account.

full article at Gawker

US mayors, senators deny KKK ties after being allegedly outed by Anonymous leak

© Vasily Fedosenko

US mayors and senators denied having any links to the Ku Klux Klan after their names were listed among KKK members by someone claiming to be with Anonymous. The hacktivist group refuted its involvement, but plans its own data-dump later this week.

Four US Senators and five mayors found their names sitting next to other KKK members when the list was leaked on Sunday, six days before the Anonymous group planned to start its “Operation KKK.”

full post at RT

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