Like many diehard fans of Philip Pullman’s epic fantasy trilogy “His Dark Materials,” I was disappointed with New Line’s 2007 film adaptation of the first book, “The Golden Compass,” which turned Pullman’s rich source material into such a forgettable Hollywood mess that the sequels never got made.While generations to come will know the names Harry Potter and Katniss Everdeen and Frodo Baggins, for many, Lyra Silvertongue is a forgotten heroine, condemned to live only in dusty library pages and in the vivid memories of ‘90s babies like myself (such a diehard that I once forced my poor parents to sit through a six-hour stage play adaptation of the series at London’s National Theater).

The next "Game of Thrones" is coming: Philip Pullman's epic fantasy series "His Dark Materials" is a natural fit for TV

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