Meet Vadim Trunov, a Russian photographer with a true talent for photographing wildlife. While it’s hard not to love all of his work, this cute squirrel photo shoot is one of his best yet. The personalities of the squirrels come to life as they interact, tossing snowballs at one another and even taking turns behind the camera lens.

The 30-year-old photographer has had a couple of close encounters with squirrels in the past, but this is his most interactive to date! While it looks like these squirrels are building snowmen and goofing off, the truth is a bit less fantastical. It’s the dead of winter and these squirrels are really hungry, and all they want to do is find some food to eat. Which is exactly what Trunov left out for bait, squirrel food.

Watch the cutest squirrels ever battle it out for one yummy pinecone!


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