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October 26, 2015

Apparently, psychedelic shroom experiences are the key to quitting smoking

1_the key to quitting smoking


Coffee breaks, car rides, drinks with friends—all have become high-wires forcing participation in a game of mental acrobatics. I’m sitting at my desk chewing on the back of a plastic pen. My co-worker has a sickening smirk plastered across his heartless face as he dangles a cigarette in front of me like a carrot as he walks to the elevator. That bastard knows this is my third time trying to quit smoking. But according to a study by Johns Hopkins University, quitting smoking doesn’t have to be self-induced misery

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Unidentified Space Junk Labelled ‘WTF’ Is About To Crash Into Earth (Oh what fun )

Unidentified Space Junk Labelled ‘WTF’ Is About To Crash Into Earth

A piece of space junk that has been given the apt name of ‘WTF’ is heading straight for Earth – and will crash into us in less than a month.

No one seems to know exactly what the flying object actually is – hence the name – but they are in no doubt we are in its path.

All anyone is sure off is that it is about two metres wide and could be hollow inside – meaning it might be man-made.

But how would a man-made object be hurtling in space and on a collision course with the planet where it originated?

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Deadly 7.5 earthquake hits Afghanistan, Pakistan & India

People stand on a road after vacating buildings following an earthquake in Srinagar October 26, 2015.  © Danish Ismail

Dozens of fatalities and hundreds of injuries have been reported following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake that hit in northern Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. There are fears the reported death toll will rise.
  • 26 October 2015

    12:16 GMT

    The earthquake has been followed by a series of aftershocks, USGS reported. Tremors with magnitudes of 4.7 and 4.8 have hit 42-45 km east of the town of Farkhar, Takhar Province, Afghanistan.

  • 11:52 GMT

    Pakistani officials say the death toll from the earthquake has jumped to 52 people, AFP reports.

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