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October 25, 2015

If you ever get really riled up by the way the world is run

here are some useful people that might listen or put you on a watch list ,meh 🙂

It easy here to contact all MP’s and Lord’s –

MP’s in the UK –

Senator’s in the USA –

President Obama –

The Presidential Press Office in Russia –ACCREDIT@GOV.RU – Email address

Vladimir Putin – –

1914-1916 The Endurance Survival against the greatest odds. by Alex Q. Arbuckle

Some stories that speak of the strength of spirit like this one,give me hope that there are more people like that guarding the guardians then not.

The ice is rafting up to a height of 10 or 15 feet in places, the opposing floes are moving against one another at the rate of about 200 yards per hour. The noise resembles the roar of heavy, distant surf.

full article and photographs

L.A Declares Homelessness ‘State of Emergency’ and Devotes $100 Million to the Problem

L.A Declares Homelessness ‘State of Emergency’ and Devotes $100 Million to the Problem

Elected leaders of the city of Los Angeles  have declared a ‘state of emergency ‘and are planning to devote up to $100 million to reducing the city’s steadily growing homeless population.

“These are our fellow Angelinos,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “They are those who have no other place to go, and they are literally here where we work, a symbol our city’s intense crisis.”

full article here

Turkish fisherman saves life of refugee toddler spotted floating in the sea

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