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October 19, 2015

10 Brilliant Inventions That Can Change Poor People’s Lives

Clean water, shelter, and shoes are just some of the things that most of us take for granted, but in many places in the world, people are desperate for them. Other things, such as ovens, light and even protection from mosquitoes are luxuries to many poor people. However, thanks to some brilliant inventors, it is possible to produce these items in an affordable manner to make a difference in poor communities.

read the article about some of the problems solved in unusual ways :WHEN ON EARTH

This is so cool and such talent:ReevarooCreations

Steampunk Bunny Rabbit

Steampunk Dragon. OOAK sculpt

go check her out if you like Steampunk with a dash of magic and pirates :

There is a new sexy Gandalf in town :)

Van Vark went as "Sexy Gandalf" and posted it to her Tumblr, writing, "Our last day of school involved dressing up and I took it upon myself to be the sexiest one there."

Tjitske Van Vark is an 18-year-old high school student from Melbourne, Australia. She recently dressed up in costume for her school’s “Muck Up Day” — an Australian tradition where seniors dress up on their last day of school and pull pranks.

And here is the story and pictures of how it went 🙂 BuzzFeedGeeky

Photos of Radical Protesters Shutting Down London’s Eurostar Terminal in Solidarity with Refugees October 19, 2015 by Michael Segalov, Photos: Chris Bethell

The whole article and a lot more pictures at Vice

Footballers tell squatters to stay in their Manchester hotel for the winter


What a niece gesture maybe there is hope for the human race after all?…………….nah probably not but hey..

full story about this small magical event here :Mashable

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